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My name is Melissa Chime, and I work on the University Recruitment team at Western Digital. My colleagues recommended that I reach out to NSBE due to the talent and strong academic background within your organization!

At Western Digital, we see the value in diversity of background, skills, thoughts, and experiences. As a global company, we believe that the most effective way to embrace diversity of our customers is to mirror it within, and we are consistently working to achieve these goals.

We look to hire authentic people to be part of a team that will push everyone to work together and reach their full potential, and from what I’ve learned about NSBE so far, I think your members would be a great fit for our company.

Apply to only one position that best fits your interest and skills. 

  1. Access the careers page at:

  2. Enter the appropriate requisition number from the list below into the “Req ID” field and then select “Search”

  3. Click the hyperlink for the corresponding job title and then “Apply For This Job”

  4. Follow the prompts to finish your profile for this position


Req ID: 9000001594

Job Title: Launch Industrial Engineering Program – MS

Req ID: 9000001595

Job Title: Launch Business Program – MBA

Req ID: 9000001596

Job Title: Launch Information Technology Program – BS/ MS

Req ID: 9000001591

Job Title: Launch Engineering Program – BS/MS

Req ID: 9000001592

Job Title: Launch Engineering Program – PhD

Req ID: 9000001593

Job Title:

Launch Business Program – BA/BS/MA/MS


Melissa Chime

University Recruitment Coordinator, Global Talent Acquisition



Full-time and Internship Positions

•       PE Intern - University of Southern California (383404)

•       PE Full Time - University of Southern California (381781)

•       D&C Full Time - University of Southern California (388448)

•       D&C Intern - University of Southern California (388289)



My name is Kyrsten and I run the University Programs and Talent Development at Axon, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our mission to protect life is what drives us. We are the world's premiere provider of public safety solutions, including SaaS solutions, body worn cameras, and less lethal weapons.

I am also a Trojan and believe strongly in the USC network. Greedily, I’d love to get more Trojans within the company. I wanted to reach out to your group and share the below opportunities.

DP Program Cohort:

2-year, rotational commitment (starting in Sept, 2019)

Engineering Development Program (2019) *primarily Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering


Summer Internships:

10-weeks (starting the first week of June, 2019)

Summer Internship: General Business & Supply Chain Departments (2019)

Summer Internship: ME/EE Engineering Departments (2019)


I’d be happy to be a resource for any questions. Trojans are always welcome to reach out.


Best Regards,


Talent Development Manager | People Operations

(480) 676-2827| LinkedIn


Hey Community!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our 2019 Fellows Program application! In the seven years we’ve run the program, we’ve witnessed how powerful and transformative the Fellows Program is for both students and companies when there is more intimacy, opportunity for connection, and candid conversation. To that end, we’ve made some exciting changes that will prepare students to be both leaders and advocates for change in the tech industry of tomorrow.

About the 2019 Fellows Program

The Fellows Program is an intensive career accelerator for Black and Latinx college and graduate-level Computer Science students. For 10 weeks between June and August, you’ll intern at a top tech company and participate in a series of learning experiences designed to give you the tools and resources you need to navigate the tech industry and build a lasting career.

What to Expect

Internship at a Leading Tech Company
Gain real-world work experience and access to innovators and industry leaders at a trusted Code2040 Company Partner in San Francisco, New York City, or Silicon Valley.

Racial Equity Advocacy Work
You’ll be equipped with knowledge on what’s happening in the industry, what systems need to change, and what your role is as a racial equity advocate.

Student Learning Experiences
You’ll participate in workshops, retreats, panel discussions, and more to gain the tools and resources you need to navigate the tech industry and thrive in your career.

Intimate Cohort
More intimacy, opportunity for connection, and candid conversation.

Build Community
Meet other Black and Latinx technologists and receive support from mentors and managers, all while redefining the future and face of tech and ensuring other technologists like you have the opportunity to succeed.

Ready to apply?

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be an undergraduate or graduate student planning to return to school in the fall semester following the internship (Fall 2019)

  • Have experience coding

  • Attend a U.S. college or university

  • Self-identify as Black and/or Latinx

  • Interested in advocating for racial equity in the tech industry

Companies begin the hiring process on October 1. Candidates must start their application by November 13th, 2018 at 11:59PM PDT and submit by December 4, 2019 at 11:59PM PDT.

We hope to see your application soon!

The Code2040 Team