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Come here to view jobs opportunities that were sent to USC NSBE and are open for members to apply for.

Opportunities are constantly updated so check back frequently. 


Hello NSBE Leadership!

We are excited about partnership with NSBE this year. Based on your student organization mission, programs, and membership profile, IBM would like to share development internship job opportunities which have been exclusively tagged to your organization. I ask that you share these positions to all your members who are currently looking for a summer internship.  By applying within the next two weeks (January 29, 2019), your members resumes and application will be flagged as VIP and expedited through our recruiting process.

We invite your members who are seeking summer internships to apply to ONE of the following development internship job opportunities that best aligns with their interest and skill set. 

If your members have secured a internship this summer but are seeking an internship or full-time position in 2020, please have them complete the information in this form ( so we can connect with them and share future job opportunities. 

To learn more about the work IBM does, learn about the application and interview process, and diversity & inclusion initiatives, please visit In addition to applying, your members can opt in to join IBM's Talent Network, where they will receive information from IBM regarding up-skilling opportunities, interview process tips and tricks, and stories from successful IBMers currently working in your field.

Please don't hesitate to reach out should you have any questions, and I'm looking forward to our event on February 25 (I owe you an email).

Thank you!



  • 178809BR : Automation Dev and Test Intern Summer 2019

  • 179190BR : Back-End Developer Intern Summer 2019

  • 179191BR : Client Facing Tech Support Intern Summer 2019

  • 179192BR : Cognitive Software Developer Intern Summer 2019

  • 179189BR : DevOps Developer Intern Summer 2019

  • 179195BR : Front-End Developer Intern Summer 2019

  • 179197BR : Full Stack Developer Intern Summer 2019

  • 179203BR : Hardware Developer Intern Summer 2019

  • 179208BR : Sr. Cognitive Software Developer Intern Summer 2019

What: Virtual Coffee Chats w/ Workday!
When: Wednesday, February 13th 11:00am-1:00pm
Where: Virtually! We will conduct these coffee chats over Zoom, so you can dial-in from anywhere!
What is a coffee chat you may ask? Coffee chats allow the opportunity for your club members to informally sit down 1:1 with a Workmate for around 20-30 minutes to simply network and connect on anything that may be on that given student’s mind (i.e. what it’s like having a career in tech, a day in the life of that Workmate’s team, recommendations for what types of classes to focus on, etc.). Around mid-January, students would have the opportunity to sign-up themselves for a given timeslot in the 11am-1pm window through our self-scheduling tool. 
What teams will be participating from Workday? As of now, it looks like we will have someone from our Back-End Development (Tools) team, our Application Development team, our Product Management team, and our Data Science/Machine Learning team. That being said, students can sign-up to chat with a member of one of these teams. 

Here is a link to a brief survey we are using to capture students’ interest in which team they’d like to chat with. We are asking students to complete this survey by end of day February 7th to capture their interest. I will then follow-up with students by end of day February 8th to allow interested students to self-schedule themselves for a 20-30 minute timeslot within the 11:00am-1:00pm window with their 1st or 2nd team preference. After students self-schedule themselves, we will provide Zoom dial-in information for them to dial into at the time of their scheduled coffee chat.
Should you or your members have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
Thanks so much for your partnership on this event! We look forward to chatting with some of your members!

Applications are due by 11:59PM on February 1st, 2019 – incomplete applications will not be considered.

Deloitte Technology Consulting is looking for students with diverse backgrounds who are interested in enhancing their professional skills and learning more about consulting through a new, year-long diversity and inclusion focused mentorship program. In the 2019 Diversity Mentorship Program, students will attend events and workshops that will help them grow professionally, as well as be paired with a Deloitte consultant who will guide them along their unique journeys. The purpose of this program is to expose mentees to the world of technology consulting and further develop professional skills while fostering meaningful relationships between students and their Deloitte mentors.

Some of the many topics explored throughout the year will include:

  • Consulting: What is it?
    Introduction to the industry including the types of consulting, consulting firms, lifestyle, etc.

  • Professional Skill Building 
    Communication & public speaking, personal branding, networking, etc.

  • Exploring Career Interests
    Understanding the mentee – honing in on skillset and how can to apply skills for a fulfilling career

  • Consulting Cases
    Workshop on consulting cases to nail the case interview

Program eligibility:

  • Overall GPA: 3.0 and above

  • Year: Freshman, Sophomore (preferred), Junior

  • General interest in consulting, technology, and/or professional development

  • Commitment to 4 events and 4 phone calls throughout 2019 calendar year

Apply in two steps:

  1. Click the link above to complete the application,

  2. Email a copy of your resume to