In addition to facilitating curricular support for members, NSBE will provide academic support for high school students in the surrounding community. We will facilitate a mentorship program, host workshops regarding the college application process, and tutor students through Upward Bound, a pre-college preparatory program.

Although our primary focus will be to usher nearby high school students into STEM majors, members will also have the opportunity to work with younger children if they choose. Throughout the year, we will schedule numerous volunteer opportunities with organizations like MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement), YSP (Young Scientists Program), ScienceOutreach, and Iridescent, which focus on planning interactive science projects for elementary and middle school students.

For more information, please email PCI Chair, Philana at


The mission of this initiative is to develop a strategic academic support network for undergraduate and graduate engineering students at USC. By strengthening this network, we plan to help each member maintain at least a cumulative 3.0 GPA. Although there is no minimum GPA requirement to join our organization, we want all students to attain some personal academic success.  Thus, this year in NSBE we plan to provide further academic support for our members through tutorials and mentorship programs in order to reach this goal.

Mentorship Program

Upon joining the club, new members will be paired with an upperclassman in their engineering department. By creating this Big/Little system we hope to provide further support for new students in the Viterbi Community.

Study Nights

Our Study Nights provide students a quiet place to study and collaborate with their classmates. They take place every Tuesday from 7 to 10 PM in GFS108.

For more information, please email Academic Excellence Chair, Tilden at